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Myrtle rust (exotic strains)

Scientific name: Exotic variants of Austropuccinia psidii (taxonomic synonym = Puccinia psidii)

Myrtle Rust Transition to Management Group Meeting Minutes

Plan for Transition to Management of Myrtle Rust (2011)

National Myrtle Rust Transition to Management Program Final Report – Genetic basis of pathogenicity in Uredo rangelii (Sandhu and Park, 2013)

Management plan for myrtle rust on the national parks estate (Office of Environment and Heritage NSW, 2011)

Genome sequencing of myrtle rust Puccinia psidii sensu lato (Tan et al. 2013)

Gathering efficacy data to indentify the most effective chemicals for controlling myrtle rust (Uredo rangelii) (Horwood et al. 2013)

Elucidating the life cycle of myrtle rust: not that easy… (Morin et al. 2013)

Australian Nursery Industry Myrtle Rust Management Plan 2011 (Nursery and Garden Industry, 2011)