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Asian Honey Bee Transition Management Group Meeting Minutes

Asian Honey Bee Transition to Management Program Final Report (Koetz, Foley, Commerford and Gilmour, 2013)

Progress Report on the Industry-funded, RIRDC-managed, Asian Honey Bee – Transition to Management projects as at 20 May 2013

Plan for Transition to Management for Asian Honey Bee, November 2011

Varroa mites on Asian honey bees in the Torres Strait: Prevalence on foraging bees and rapid screening of swarms

The Asian honey bee and its strains – with special focus on Apis cerana Java genotype (Koetz, 2013)

Optimising Asian honey bee baitfeeding station design and attractants – Progress Report December 2012 (Koetz, 2012)

Optimising Asian honey bee (Apis cerana) trap design and attractants

Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy Asian honey bee floral surveillance manual (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, 2014)

Guidelines for industry – destroying swarms or nests of Asian honey bees (DAFF Queensland, 2013)

Ecology and behaviour of Asian honey bees (Apis cerana) in Cairns, Australia (Commerford and Koetz, 2013)